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Images of Western Railroading

UP's 844 heading to Denver for the annual Cheyenne Frontier Days special, July 2008.

Another year, another Frontier Days special on its way to Denver.  Only this time, a diverted westbound California Zephyr makes an appearance.  July 2009.

The 844 in Denver, July 2009.

Denver Union Station, February 2009.

The 844 in Cheyenne, about to head west to California, April 2009.

The 844 alongside a slightly newer companion.  Cheyenne, April 2009.

844 in Cheyenne, April 2009.

View from the dome car "Walter Dean", heading west out of Cheyenne.  April 2009.

Rio Grande Scenic #18 in La Veta, Colorado, July 2008.

Durango & Silverton #482 in Silverton, July 2009.

Watering Cumbres & Toltec #484 in Antonito, Colorado, July 2009.

C&T #484 in Osier, July 2009.

C&T #487 in Osier, July 2009.

D&S #480 in Silverton, Colorado, July 2009.

UP coal train passing through Glenwood Springs, Colorado, April 2008.

Westbound Southwest Chief stops in Raton, New Mexico, November 2010.

Southbound NM Railrunner in Santa Fe, Dec 2008.

BNSF freight through Louisville, Colorado, February 2011.

Caught two interesting trains on the BNSF over Memorial Day weekend.  The first contained these M1A1's being transported through Denver, 2011.

The second one contained the support vehicles for the tanks, which was in Broomfield and heading south, 2011.

This was a long train, with all types of wheeled military vehicles

Fuel (desert tan) and water (dark green) trucks bringing up the rear.

Close up of one of the vehicles secured to the flat car.

This is a picture of a UP freight making its way west out of Denver, along the Moffat Tunnel line. If I remember correctly, there were seven engines on the front end of this train.

Same train as to the left. The tracks continue up the hill side, and can be seen just above and left of the engine's cab, and to the right of the tree.

Here's a UP coal train heading east, towards Denver after having made its way through the mountains.


The Challenger Part I

Every summer, the UP runs a special steam powered excursion from Denver to Cheyenne to bring people to the Frontier Days celebration. In 2000, the Challenger was used for the excursion. This picture was taken in the early evening, as the train was making its way back to Denver.

The Sun had just dropped below some clouds, and was just above the mountains, producing a typical beautiful Colorado Sun set. It also helped to produce some interesting color variations between the ground, sky, and passenger cars.

The Challenger Part II

The weekend after the Frontier Days excursion, the Challenger left Cheyenne for Los Angeles. Here's the train leaving the UP yard at Cheyenne, passing below the old Colorado & Southern mainline, now used by BNSF.

The train was short, only about 6 or 7 cars long, and no diesel backup engine. The rest of the UP excursion fleet was out East for the Republican National Convention, and the Challenger was heading to the Democratic National Convention.

Here's the train pulling into the Laramie yard to get greased and oiled before continuing west.

West of Laramie, I got this nice sequence of pictures.