Hudson Valley Lines

The Hudson Valley Lines

The Water Level Route...You Can Sleep

My N scale model railroad, called "The Hudson Valley Lines", is an 11'x11' modular, around the walls layout. Since I started parts of this layout while I was still in college, I knew that I would be moving, and would need to make the layout easy to move. So I built the frame of each module out of 2"x3" and glued 2 inch thick foam board on top.

Why New York Central?

So how is it that I decided to model a railroad that I never got to see in action?  I credit my uncle for taking me down to the Hudson river when I would visit him as a kid to watch the railroad action. He would tell me stories about how there used to be a four track mainline along most of the East bank of the river, and a two track mainline along the west bank of the river (the West Shore RR). Combine the image of all those tracks, the river and mountain scenery, and good dose of lightning striped diesels in a kid's head, and the end result is a NYC fan.

NY Central LayoutI model the late 1940's because that had to have been one of the most exciting times to witness the NYC. About the only exciting aspect missing from the railroad is mountains to climb over, but as the slogan says, "...You can sleep." I'm also a big fan of passenger trains, and there weren't too many other railroads around with more passenger trains than the NYC.

Peekskill is the only town currently modeled on the layout. Peekskill sits about 40 miles north of Grand Central Terminal. I picked Peekskill to model for a couple of reasons. First off, there is a causeway north of the town, where there used to be a small drawbridge and this location was used in many promotional pictures of the railroad. Second, I like the small train station in the town, and figured it would be easy to model in N scale. And lastly, there were a few industries served by the railroad in Peekskill, which would give me the opportunity to run some locals and do some switching.

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