Hudson Valley Lines

Equipment & Rolling Stock

The Water Level Route...You Can Sleep

Below is a combination of some action shots taken on my layout and pictures of some of the equipment that I've painted and lettered.

RS-3 Image

This Alco RS-3 is the first piece of equipment that I painted and lettered. It is one of the older Atlas models from the 1980's.


This is a Life-Like E7 that I painted to resemble the first E7's that the New York Central received in 1945. The NYC ordered these first few units painted to match the pre-1948 paint scheme of the 20th Century Limited, in which the cars were painted light gray with dark gray window bands. This model started out undecorated, and I painted it using Polly Scale and Model Flex paints. The lettering and stripes are Micro Scale decals.


One of the J3a Hudson's in service on my "empire". Some added details include the handrails and Worthington feedwater heater in front of the smokestack. I like the way those handrails came out so much, I'm going to have to add them to the other Hudson's on the roster.

E7 Nose

This model started life as a Pennsy 2-8-2 with a very non-NYC Vanderbilt tender and a very different looking boiler face. I used a boiler face off of an old Bachman 2-8-2 that I had laying around, and bought the new tender from a guy who stocked Rivarossi parts. After cutting off the original face and gluing the Bachman one on, I had a locomotive that could be allowed on NYC property. I then used different diameter paper clips and some brass wire to build up some of the piping detail that can be found on the outside of an H-10a class locomotive. The tender is not correct for an H-10a, but until I find the right one, this current one will work.

Kato Mike

The Kato 2-8-2 is still one of the best running steam engines in N scale. It is also one of the best looking N scale steam engines once you add all of the details that come with it.


This is a Life-Like FA/FB-1 set that I have painted and decaled in the as delivered paint scheme of 1947.

Castle Valley

This is a 10-6 "Valley" series Budd sleeper, to which I have applied my own NYC decals. The model is one of the Con-Cor Budd cars, and I lettered it with the name "Castle Valley".

The two boxcars are Inter Mountain models that I painted and then lettered using CDS dry transfers. The caboose is a Micro-Trains model that I modified to more closely match a NYC caboose. The modifications included moving the cupola further back, making new sides for the cupola so that it was lower than the original height, and then covering up the cuts in the roof with thin sheet styrene. I didn't bother to change the number of windows in the body from four to three, but I really just wanted the feel of a NYC caboose as opposed to an exact model. It was also lettered with CDS dry transfers.

These are three of the Pacemaker boxcars that I've painted and lettered using CDS dry transfers. The caboose is a modified Micro-Trains model, with a new cupola and new sides.

Annsville Creek Area, 2011:


Annsville Creek Bridge


Annsville Creek Bridge

Annsville Creek Bridge

Annsville Creek Area, 2003:

A northbound freight headed up by a Mikado rounds the curve south of Annsville Creek.

A Poughkeepsie/New York City local heads southbound, powered by a Pacific.

The Empire State Express crosses the Annsville Creek causeway.

The block of foam holding the tracks up will be replaced by a draw bridge.

Hudson Highlands, 2011:

Known as either Flat Rock Tunnel or Little Tunnel, it is the first of three short tunnels north of Peekskill.  The tunnel and surrounding mountain sides are taking shape in foam.  This view is looking south.

This is the early shaping of foam for the cut that is just south of Little Tunnel.

Staging Yard, 2010:

A mostly empty staging yard.

Peekskill Area, 2003:

A Pacemaker freight pulled by an Alco FA/FB makes its way down the Hudson River. The train is rounding the curve just south of the Annsville Creek causeway and will soon be passing through Peekskill.

The Century speeds towards Grand Central Terminal while a Hudson pulls a Mail & Express on the northbound track.

A steam powered freight heads north while the Pacemaker approaches Peekskill.

The local makes a station stop at Peekskill.

A Hudson pulling The Ohio State Limited passes a local passenger train making a station stop at Peekskill. A mock-up of the station can be seen in the background.

Hudson 5412 pulls a Mail & Express through Peekskill.

The M&E heads north.

A pair of PA's pulls out of the northbound staging yard.